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Barry Bookbinder

Barry Bookbinder has been singing and performing live music for audiences since the age of 16. He began his musical career as a guitarist, but soon switched to bass when he realized there were a lot fewer bass players on the scene than guitarists!

Barry is an exceptional lead vocalist with the ability to mimic the sound of virtually any male singer. He has the vocal versatility and chops to nail everything from romantic ballads to standards to soft rock to disco to pop rock to hard rock to hip hop and rap. He also has a keen ear and hits vocal harmonies with ease.

With regard to his bass playing, Barry never forgets that the bass is part of the rhythm section. He locks in tight with drummer and stays there, never dropping the groove. He also monitors his volume and tone constantly so that the bass never overpowers the other instruments.

Barry is a high-energy performer with excellent stage presence. He enjoys interacting with the audience and knows the value of eye contact and a smile. He also is capable of performing choreography while playing, if necessary or desirable.